Within the coming months, there will be a lot of speculation on what is to come regarding St. Louis Boy Ben Bishop’s future with the Tampa Bay Lightning and Pittsburgh goaltending icon, Marc Andre Fleury. Most have all but written both out of their respective clubs with the emergence of Andrei Vasilevskiy for Ben Bishop, and Matt Murray for Fleury. Not to mention the all-powerful salary cap restrictions and highly paid forwards and defensemen on each roster. Sure the Lightning would love to keep Ben Bishop. He has been nothing short of spectacular for the club. And lets face it, other than the major playoff demons that Fleury has come to know, the Penguins would love/hate to move him also. Beautiful part though? Every team could use these guys. Just a matter of the need and what they’re willing to part with for Elite goaltenders:


Las Vegas expansion draft casuality

AZ – Mike Smith is best option they have. Enough Said.

Buf (maybe with conference opponent and potential future cap issues) Sabres have 24-year-old Robin Lehner and 26-year-old Anders Nilsson. As Kyle Okposo states, they’re gonna be a contender. Time to upgrade in net is now. But at what price? And does the man they call GMTM feel that Lehner can stay healthy and be a difference maker?

Carolina – team trending upward. Slowly. Could use solid goaltender to help with upcoming D. But could it be a waste of talent traded for a team that is still a few years away from contending for a Cup? Hurricanes have a few extra young D that could be expendable for one of these two but still a lot more question marks around their forward corps.

Calgary – behind Elliott at 31 years old and Johnson at 30, each with 1 year left on deal. Could depend on whose contract could be moved.

Colorado – sure why not? Varlamov is only 28 though and Pickard behind him currently. Team needs to figure something out and perhaps a shakeup up front. But does that justify bringing in either MAF or Benny B? Depends on if Sakic feels that Varlamov is their guy to help take them back to the playoffs

Columbus – Contract with Bob could kill them for talent they need in net.

Dallas – Gotta figure out something in net. Kari and Antti will not be long-term solutions, especially to get a Cup when they’re in a great spot to win now

Edmonton – Could be really interesting. What would go back is bigger question with TB and Pitt closer to cap

Nashville – Rinne will soon be on the decline. Injuries are already becoming a question toward his future.  The 33-year-old was not as sharp last season as he has been in the last few years, still managing a 2.48 GAA but a .908 SV%. Questions surround his successor. Bishop could certainly add to a stab at StL and help boost the Preds young core

Ottawa – Anderson is already 35 and who knows what Andrew “The Hamburgler” Hammond is really going to do in the future at already 28 years old.

Vancouver – Canucks need a lot. Miller is already 35 and again questions surround the potential successor. Price could be too high for Vancouver to afford either player via trade.

Winnipeg – I just want Bishop to go to the Jets so there is actually a Benny and the Jets.